Why do Black Men Date White Women

black man date white woman
Dr. TaMara Griffin
Dr. TaMara Griffin

Dr. TaMara is a sexologist, sex therapist, educator and motivational speaker with more than 20 years of experience speaking, writing and teaching about sexuality.

Any relationship whose sole purpose is a commitment; the relationship easily stops being a political declaration. The question, why do black men date white women? Still says a lot about black men and their dating habits. To be realistic, whether it is a white woman or a black man or vice versa, couples don’t sleep with white or black spouses. They sleep with partners who think or don’t think it is awful to use the rent money on school uniforms. They sleep with people who do or don’t think it is ideal for cleaning the living room. They sleep with people who need or don’t need children. In short, they sleep with a person who has a clear knowledge about their life. They don’t care whether their relationship will be publicized or not. Black men don’t only date white women. They date a woman who will support him, who will give him kids, who will help him achieve his goals. A woman with her own goals, aspirations, and challenges. It may be true that she is white, but the traits that make her do what she does commitment, vision, compassion are not white. Whether it is a white woman dating a black man or a different version, these are just people in a relationship.

5 Reasons Why Black Men Date White Women

1. Inferiority Complex

A black man who feels less of himself believes that he is less worthy than a white person in quality, performance, social status, mental, and position. And to feel better about himself, he will go and find a white woman. It may be a rich, powerful, and prominent black man who owns everything in the world. He, however, will not be content if he doesn’t have a white woman for himself.

Even the poor black forks will get themselves the ugliest, last option trash girl they can get to justify that they have a white lady. They enjoy having the leftovers that white men don’t like. According to them, it is an easy way to get a white man’s attention. He wants other white men to love him and treat him with respect.

2. Media Manipulation

Yes, times have changed, but the game has not changed yet. Movies, Televisions, magazines, still view the American white woman as the most precious ornament on earth. Black women appear nowhere on television nowadays. White women take the place of different faceted, multitasking women who know how to handle any situation.

Therefore, what keeps ringing in the head of a black male is “look for a white lady” and forget your problems and have a better life. On the other hand, the black woman is painted as strong, a loner, who doesn’t require a man. She only needs her children and the love of God. She’s also presented as bossy, gold digger, and expensive to maintain. That is what makes black men and white women have the strength to bash and bad mouth black women.

3. Sex

Reasons Why Black Men Date White Women

According to Sigmund Freud, Europeans were empowered by sex and power. They came up with the first world’s whorehouses, art shows, live sex shows, and magazines with different kinds of sexual acts you can think of. It is well known as “sexual imperative” and has been enforced on every race on the planet, especially the black community. There is a white woman’s sexual belief, which makes black men like white women who can quench their thirst for sex.

And white women indeed have excess sex, which has not yet been discovered. Black women are not as dull as according to some myth. They retain their innovation to the bedroom and not to everyone. Black forks value sex than white women. White women were taught the science of sex at a very tender age. Both traditions, though tainted, have been shared on to their generations.

White women’s sexual believe is limitless. They start having blind dates at the age of 14, reason things like chastity belts were innovated. In a society where sex is everything, it is easy to understand the desire. Visit any basketball or football game, and see the number of half-dressed white women waiting by the exchange room for the black athletes to come. And they are making promises like “I’ll do what you want.” These young players are in a fix.

4. Users

Some desperate black men have married a white woman because she spends crazy amounts of money on him. He’ll exploit her in a manner a black woman would never tolerate. She’ll become both his woman and beneficiary. This kind of a black man uses an innocent woman, and he’ll force her too in the streets to look for money. He’ll furthermore lie to her to give him that money. Some black gook thinks that by having sex with a white woman, they are taking the place of white men.

5. It is Easier to Handle White Women Than Black Women

To make their black families function better, black women have been in control. However, black men don’t like being ordered. Here is the contradiction. They both have a challenge molding one another. However, it has not been that way all along. The inventors of white supremacy created a functional plan to demolish the black family tie, and it has been fruitful.

They, however, never factored in the migration of white women that would follow. And in an overturned world where the black man prefers to date white women and the black woman is the family man to 70 percent of households in the USA, it’s been hell for white women. They saw the chance and grabbed it. When presented with a choice of handling the cause of their problems, and unit the black family, black men decided to take the easy way out. They get themselves a white woman.

They see white women as easy to control, have less social and economic needs, easily maneuver around, and don’t expect much from them. There is not much to expect from black men and white women because the expectation turns into tolerance. The black man now desires to become white-like, and all the white hostility both past and present are nowhere to be found. He aims to associate with and be loved by all the white people he comes across.

There has never been a reason for a white woman to deal with the agonizing stress of slavery. So, as the lucky group, they view and take daily challenges differently. It is hard for them to associate with the black man’s fight, yet the Negro man will do anything to make her feel like him.

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