Why Dark Skinned Black Women Rarely Get Married? Find out Here

Why Dark Skinned Black Women Rarely Get Married

Most black women who are well educated and financially stable are willing to date dark-skinned black men who are not as educated or successful as them. A majority of these women don’t search for men to provide for them. However, it’s sad that most of the black men they encounter are scared by women who are financially stable or are well educated than them. They keep wondering what they can contribute to such a relationship, which is completely out of the point. Most women do not need them to assist in anything other than companionship.

black woman rarely get married

The myth about black women

According to a study by OkCupid in 2014 on its data usage, it indicated that most men on the site ranked black women unattractive compared to women from other races. However, most of these myths and misunderstandings that are evident today are based on stereotypes created years back. Racism has spread through all facets of American life, not forgetting love. Sarah Adeyinka is a University of Pennsylvania graduate who studied marriage patterns for black women. She states that the marriage platform is a tough one for black women both in reality and online. These ideologies result from long-time myths and doctrines associated with black women, which have resulted in firmly believable theories.

Most black men tend to pass over black women, and you will hear them saying that complexion doesn’t matter. However, they wouldn’t offer that black woman a chance, and it is evident that black guys like light-skinned women. A majority of black women only see eyes passing them off and go rest on the prettier white girls next to them or even the lighter-skinned like Yara Shahidi type.

Most don’t see themselves ending up with black men at all. Not because they have signed them off or because they don’t like them, rather on their past experiences with dating life. Dark women usually feel that they are the kind of women who men only want behind closed doors. They don’t rate themselves as trophy wives enough to be shown to the world. They date such men who, after a short while, appear with someone lighter and show them off. It makes dark-skinned women feel like they are never wanted.

Imagine dating a black guy then out of the blues come up with comments like “I want a white family.” You know that you can’t provide that, and it isn’t polite to say to someone. Such sentiments make black women cry and see themselves as only substitutes before they get someone serious. It is common among dark-skinned women to hear phrases like ‘dark skin is sexy,’ ‘I only like dark-skinned women”, or ‘The darker the berry the suiter the juice.’ Such words may be real and good, but they symbolize or sexualize dark-skinned women and don’t offer a solution to discrimination. It is an inversion.

Why black men date outside their race

Dark-skinned men possess very weird patterns and facts regarding their love for interracial dating. They are the majority of men who abandon ladies of their race. Black guys and white women in America often blame the cause as black women being domineering, masculine, greedy, and all kinds of bad words that cannot be said of black men. However, dark-skinned men throughout the world show light-skin interests. By saying that black American women are this and that, how can you describe why dark-skinned women rarely get married in Brazil, Africa, England, Asia, and others? If you say it is black men’s control, then, black men should stand against it.

Dating big beautiful black women

For men who are lucky enough to meet the right BBW and want to go on your first date, note that they are no different from other women. Below are some tips on how to date a BBW and be successful.

• Be open to her, advise her, and motivate her. Help her raise her self-esteem.
• Introduce her to your parents and show love for her family.
• Don’t look at other girls while with her.
• Choose a good place to have a nice meal with her.
• Be a gentleman and choose the words you say to her carefully.
• Make her feel like she is the only one in the world.
• Watch out for what to and what not to discuss.
• Listen to her deeply and always make her laugh by joking with her.
• Always compliment her.
• Sometimes disappear so that she misses you.

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