The Only PinkCupid Review You Need

When it comes to lesbian dating, the modern world has opened up a wealth of possibilities. Leading from the front is PinkCupid because this dating site promises to help singles find people for love and romance. It’s a big claim, but we’re going to unearth the very meaning of this site to see what it entails. Does it deliver on its promise? Does it fall flat and leave members running for the door? It’s designed for lesbian singles from all backgrounds while it helps members find every kind of relationship they desire. Want to find out more? Read on!


TaMara Griffin


As with all dating websites, PinkCupid comes with pros and cons, so we have checked them out.

Pros / Cons
  • Made only for Lesbians
  • The app is ready to download
  • Lots of active members
  • Use Facebook to Register
  • Easy to Use
  • Long registration process
  • Costs to message members
  • Lacks features
  • Complete all registration fields
  • Additional cost for reading messages

Signing in at PinkCupid

As with all free black lesbian dating sites, the registration process always comes under scrutiny because it sets every dating site up for success or a fall! At PinkCupid, the registration process is simple enough, yet the lack of attention to detail might concern people. Therefore, we believe that there could be a better process here as this would ensure people feel confident with the overall experience of using the platform. It asks for very little personal information when creating an account other than an email address, age, and password. PinkCupid could ask for more from people, but that’s about as far as this process goes!

Profiles and Members – Who Are They?

PinkCupid promises to offer lesbian and bisexual people with an opportunity to find love and romance. This site has been created for a certain type of member which means that it’s predominantly made up of female members. Sure, there are some male members who slip through the net, but this dating platform has members who are aged between 18 and 25 in general. Don’t be disappointed if you fall outside of this age bracket because you’re welcome too!

Profile details are extremely good, but they aren’t mandatory, so it only works for members who have completed their accounts. The details come thick and fast, which is exactly what we expect when looking for romance online. PinkCupid captures everything perfectly well because they contain plenty of data. You can find information about where they’re from, whether they smoke, whether they have children, and their occupation. There is also a detailed image gallery too, which is always good when it comes to making contact on PinkCupid.

Safety at PinkCupid

PinkCupid has to consider the safety of members, and we believe that it does everything really well. Members are always hearing horror stories about online dating, and that’s why we make sure that we always check out the safety of every site we review. The service ensures that all details and data remain encrypted, which provides peace of mind. Some fake profiles make it onto the site, but these can be reported while safe mode ensures members can keep their identity hidden. Users have the scope to contact support should they need to, while the FAQ sections contain enough information to keep members feeling safe.

Real Life Review on PinkCupid

“PinkCupid has given me everything I have ever wanted when it comes to dating. There is no shortage of members to explore, and that’s what makes this service so exciting. I have met many people through the platform and have arranged many dates, which is exactly what I was looking for. The design is simple and easy to use, which is great for first-time daters like me. This has given me back my confidence and helped me to meet singles once again. PinkCupid has changed my life completely!” – Sarah, New York

Costs and Prices

Gold membership

  • 1 Month 24.99 $ per Month
  • 3 Months 16.66 $ per Month
  • 12 Months 8.33 $ per Month

Platinum membership

  • 1 Month 29.98 $ per Month
  • 3 Months 19.99 $ per Month
  • 12 Months 10.00 $ per Month

Free Services

The great thing about PinkCupid is its ability to offer people access to a range of free services. We believe that offering free services is perfect for people trying online dating for the first time.

  • Register for free
  • Create an account
  • Add images
  • Simple match feature

Paid Services

As with all dating services, if you want more, you’ll need to pay more. However, PinkCupid makes sure that you get much more for your money:

  • Communicate freely with all users
  • Ad-free
  • The profile can be hidden
  • More profile details can be added
  • Enhanced search
  • Better Matching


There is no denying that PinkCupid has captured a huge percentage of the market for a reason. It’s a top dating platform that enables members to date with comfort and confidence. There’re loads of members to explore, and the website makes it simple to search for real people, regardless of your age and your desire. It’s got an ‘open door policy,’ which means that it’s made for all lesbian and bisexual singles. The design is excellent, profile quality is up there with the best, and the members are friendly. The registration process might lack any details which might concern people, but on the whole, it really does tick every box, which is important for any dating site. Overall, we recommend giving this site a try!


Can I send messages at PinkCupid for free?

No, in order to send messages, you will be required to upgrade to a premium account.

How do I report a suspicious profile at PinkCupid?

To report a suspicious account, navigate to the account and then click the exclamation mark.

Can I block another PinkCupid member?

Yes, you can do this through their profile by clicking the block icon.