Only a Top Lesly Review Will Make a Difference

If it’s app dating you’re looking for, then Lesly might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s made for the LGBTQ community, which means that it reaches far and wide. This is a relatively new platform, yet it still aims to bring people together to date, chat, flirt, and have fun without the commitment. From a full-blow relationship to a casual arrangement, free black lesbian dating sites don’t get much better than this, and that’s what might make this platform stand out from the others.

Meeting new people of the same sex can prove daunting for those who only recently left the closet, which is why Lesly aims to provide a personal approach to meeting other singles. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique approach to dating, it is likely to offer something for you.

Pros and Cons

Every dating platform won’t tick every box in terms of what’s good. Therefore, it helps to learn what is good and what might not work so well at Lesly.

Pros / Cons
  • Verification is quick
  • Active users have their accounts promoted
  • Review the site and submit it to the site for a chance to use the service at no cost
  • No ads
  • Membership fees are simple
  • It is still growing as a service
  • The app could have more features
  • The app can have glitches
  • Same matches are provided constantly
  • Unsure of what members are looking for


TaMara Griffin

Signing Up at Lesly

Like many dating apps, Lesly makes it possible for people to create an account as quickly and as easily as possible. Many of these apps rely on Google Play or App Store accounts to supply the name, which really cuts the time it takes to join and sign up. However, the process is extremely quick, which means that members are only required to provide basic information such as age, location, and then what they are looking for.

Once the process has been completed, members are free to begin using the app. The process takes nothing more than a few minutes, which will please many people.

Members & Profiles at Lesly

App dating is mainly used by younger people, and that’s not to say that this service is only for younger members. The app is used by gals of all ages, which makes it a versatile dating option for many. However, members are from the LGBTQ and are predominantly young, so expect to make contact with people between the ages of 18 and 34. As we have said, there are older people with an account, so don’t hold back if you think that this isn’t for you as it could be.

Every profile is more detailed than we expected, which is uncommon for a dating app. Therefore, you can expect to learn all about users from their profiles, making it simple to determine who might be the right person for you. Profiles contain vital information about characteristics and images, making it simple to get as much from Lesly as possible.


Online dating comes with risks, regardless of what platform you choose to use, but you can enjoy using Lesly because it is a safe platform. Of course, fake accounts are common, which means you might receive a message from a scammer, so it helps to remain vigilant. Don’t let this put you off because it requires email verification which is one element of security. All data is encrypted, which is particularly useful while there is support available should you require it. On the whole, we felt extremely safe when using Lesly.

Real Life Review on Lesly

Lesly has been an exceptionally easy platform to use. The download is fast, and it’s available on all platforms, which is always a plus in our book. I loved the design because it’s modern and intuitive, which means it’s easy to use and navigate through. The member base might not be the biggest, but Lesly is still growing, which means it will only get better. I found it to offer a personal service which is something that online dating services should offer.

Costs and Prices

Lesly offers a range of membership packages, and that’s no different from other services. The good thing about Lesly is that once you pay for a membership, you’ll get access to all of the services with no hidden charges. The costs are as follows:

  • 1-month – $9.99
  • 3-month – $24.99
  • 6-month – $39.99

Free Services

When you join Lesly, you’ll have access to a variety of free services; this allows you to get a feel for the platform. These features work well for beginners, but you might want to use a premium mode if you want more. However, the free features are:

  • Free registration
  • Add images
  • Create a profile
  • Basic search

Fee-based Services

As with all dating services, if you want more, you’ll need to pay more. However, at Lesly, you do get more for upgrading to a premium membership. What this means is that you will get the following:

  • Add more images
  • Faster messaging
  • More matches


Lesly might be the new kid on the block, but this dating service really didn’t disappoint. It’s modern, vibrant, and exciting to use. The member base is lacking, but that didn’t stop us from searching for matches and finding what we were looking for. The membership packages are well-priced, and the fact that it’s an app-only means that it’s amazing for people who love to date on the move. Whether you’re looking for quick dating or something deeper, Lesly might be everything you want. Put your trust in this service, and we believe it’ll begin to pay for you.


Can I send messages at Lesly for free?

No, it is not possible to send messages for free, but you will need to upgrade to send messages.

How do I report a suspicious profile at Lesly?

You can report a suspicious profile by heading to the user account and selecting report.

Can I block another Lesly member?

Yes, this can be achieved through clicking on the user’s profile and choosing “block” on their page.