LesbieMates Review

If you’re looking for a female-exclusive website designed specifically to connect lesbians with potential local matches, then LesbieMates may be worth looking into. Although not specifically for Black females, this site is known as one of the best free black lesbian dating sites, making it the perfect place for you to find a Black partner (although there are plenty of Caucasian women on the site as well). Unlike more casual services, LesbieMates aims to create genuine connections, not provide hookup services.


TaMara Griffin


Pros / Cons
  • Chat includes photo and video messaging
  • Profiles have a lot of fields
  • You can upload multiple photos to your account
  • You can send a message to five different people for free
  • The layout is extremely easy to use
  • There are no video calling features
  • Most users don’t complete their profiles
  • Viewing full-size photos requires membership
  • Most contact features are for paying members only
  • This site looks similar to many other services

LesbieMates Sign In

If you were worried about joining LesbieMates being a long and complicated process, then good news—it’s not! To join, simply head over to the LesbieMates homepage, where you will see a short signup form on the right-hand side of the page. To fill this out, you’ll need to provide your age, email, location, and choose a password. Your location will be automatically filled in based on your IP address, but this may not always be accurate, so we recommend double-checking this. Otherwise, you might not get the closest matches! Once this is complete, simply click the “Join Now” button to create your account.

Members & Profiles

You can learn a lot from a profile on LesbieMates. Or, alternatively, you can learn next to nothing. Unfortunately, how much information is on a profile actually depends on the specific member. Since most information fields are optional, the vast majority of users don’t bother to fill them out, which is disappointing. We hope that LesbieMates will make more of these fields mandatory, which could encourage people to complete the rest and make the matchmaking efforts a lot easier. However, for the people who do bother to complete them, you’ll be able to learn helpful information such as their height, income, living situation, religion, and other items that will help you determine if they’re a compatible match for you.


Arguably the most beneficial safety feature of LesbieMates is its “Safe Mode,” a feature that allows you to control (and limit) who’s allowed to send you a message. You can allow everyone to message you, only “non-suspicious” members to message you, or limit messages solely to “Verified” members. This is an interesting feature that not only helps protect users online but also effectively reduces the amount of spam you’ll encounter. Beyond this, LesbieMates uses HTTPS encryption (which is standard on most dating sites) to protect your information while browsing online.

Real Life Review on LesbieMates

I’d tried all the usual dating apps (Tinder, MeetMe, and the like) before, but I finally tried LesbieMates after hearing about it from a girlfriend who’d met her partner on the site. Initially, I wasn’t very impressed—it looked like every other dating site out there! However, she said it was good, so I figured it was worth a shot, and she was right. It only took me a few hours to find someone worth talking to online, and after a week, I was already back in the dating game. I haven’t found a permanent partner yet, but with all the amazing ladies on LesbieMates, I’m not too worried about it either!

Costs and Prices

Most LesbieMates users will want to upgrade eventually. Fortunately, LesbieMates offers a wide variety of premium plans that should be able to accommodate the budgets (no matter how big or how small) of most people. Their cheapest and shortest plan lasts a single day but costs only $0.99. Their longest plan is for three months and costs $32.45 (or $0.39 per day). They also offer a weekly plan ($5.00) and a monthly plan as well ($19.29).

Free Services

On LesbieMates, a free account is more like a “free trial”. Free accounts have access to the search and matchmaking features but can only send five messages before they’ll need to upgrade, which really limits the practicality of having a free account. However, the free option does allow you to see how many members and users there are in your area, which could be helpful information in deciding if membership is worthwhile for your situation.

Fee-based Services

Premium membership provides a small variety of features, but the biggest one is unlimited messaging. Beyond basic text messages, LesbieMates also allows users to send photo and video messages, which is sure to lead to some entertaining conversations! They can also send mass messages via the FlirtCast feature, see “Looking for” information, view full-sized photos, and even get access to extended search filters, making a premium membership to LesbieMates well worth the money.


LesbieMates provides a simple and straightforward way for lesbian singles to find long-term romantic partners online. The site certainly doesn’t offer any groundbreaking features, but overall, the easy-to-use layout and variety of messaging options should be enough for most users. We especially liked the “Safe Mode” feature, although we wish “verified” and “suspicious” accounts were clearly labeled. LesbieMates is a good option for people seeking a long-term relationship, but since most users are in it for the long haul, it’s unlikely to work well for finding hookups.


Can I chat for free on LesbieMates?

You can send five free personal messages, but after, that you will need to upgrade.

How do I report a suspicious account at LesbieMates?

You can report an account by selecting the “Report” button located on their profile page.

Can I block another LesbieMates user?

You can block an account by selecting the “Block” button located on their profile page.