LesbieDates Review

LesbieDates is one of the many niche dating sites that has shown promise in matching its members. Although not as specific as free black lesbian dating sites, LesbieDates does manage to appeal to a target audience, allowing only lesbian and bisexual women to use its services. Although it is possible to find a hookup using this site, the majority of users on the site are looking for dating opportunities.


TaMara Griffin


Pros / Cons
  • Active membership base
  • Variety of membership options
  • Can send text, picture, and video via message
  • Detailed profile options
  • Quick signup process
  • Small user base compared to major sites
  • The monthly plan provides poor value
  • Chat is a premium feature
  • Most profiles are incomplete
  • Site design is unoriginal

LesbieDates Sign Up

As is common with many other dating services, joining LesbieDates is a quick and painless process that should only take a few moments of your time to complete. A signup form is a visible right from the homepage, making it easy to join. The form requires some basic information such as your age, location, email, and choice of password to complete. Once you’ve filled these in, simply click “Join Now” to log into your new LesbieDates account! From here, you’ll be prompted to upload a photo and add additional information to your profile. Since incomplete profiles tend to get fewer matches, we highly recommend filling out your entire profile for the best chance at romantic success!

Members & Profiles

The profiles on LesbieDates have a lot of potential, but unfortunately, most users don’t bother to complete them. This is why we recommend taking the time to complete your profile since this will easily make you stand out from the other people on this website. There are a lot of information fields you can fill out, including eye color, education, height, living situation, religion, and income. Most profiles also include pictures in the photo gallery, and some users even upload videos to their profile pages! Although it’s a premium feature, some LesbieDates users also provide “Looking for” information, which helps you determine what type of relationship they’re searching for.


The main safety feature of LesbieDates is “Safe Mode.” This feature allows you to control who can message you: you can limit it to verified members, non-suspicious members, or turn the feature off entirely. This dating platform uses HTTPS encryption throughout the website, ensuring that all important data transmitted (such as credit card information) is kept safe from hackers. As is common with most data platforms, you can report or block members who seem suspicious or bother you online, which helps keep the experience enjoyable.

Real Life Review on LesbieDates

Before signing up, I hadn’t ever heard of LesbieDates, so I was skeptical from the start. However, joining the site seemed pretty easy, and with no other romantic prospects in my near future, I decided to give the site a chance. I was surprised to learn that a lot of local girls actually use LesbieDates, which was a nice surprise! So far, the site seems pretty decent, but I’m still looking for my perfect girlfriend. Hopefully, I’ll find her soon!

Costs and Prices

Like most dating services, LesbieDates offers both free accounts and paid accounts. Going premium will provide you with a host of additional benefits that you won’t get as a free user, but of course, it’s going to cost you a little bit! Fortunately, the prices for membership on LesbieDates are far cheaper than many other similar services, and thanks to the wide variety of premium plans available, you’re sure to easily find one that will fit into your budget.

Free Services

Unfortunately, free users don’t have a lot of options when it comes to LesbieDates. Although signing up for the service is free, messaging other users is not. You do get access to some basic features (such as “Safe Mode,” search, use of the “Like Gallery,” and your own “Favorites” list), but these aren’t enough to actually meet someone on LesbieDates. However, to simply see the site in action and get a rough idea of how it works, the free service may be helpful. Think of it less as a “free account” and more of a “free preview.”

Fee-based Services

For a true online dating experience, you’ll need to upgrade your LesbieDates account. Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy chatting with over 700,000 other members on the site! Chat allows you to send basic text messages, but you can also send photos or videos as well. In addition to the chat feature, premium members can also view full-sized member photos and see the “Looking for” information on user profiles, which can be helpful when looking for a like-minded match.


If you’re looking for an all-female dating service that provides a simple introduction to online matchmaking, then LesbieDates could be a good option for you. Although the contact methods are limited on the site, we think that the addition of picture and video messaging will be sufficient enough for most users to get to know each other before taking things offline. LesbieDates offers competitive pricing and a variety of plans, but we don’t think that the free service offers much. To truly have a chance at finding a partner, you’ll definitely need to get a premium membership. Still, considering the site’s popularity (with a current user base of over 700,000 members), we think it’s well worth the investment!


Can I chat with other LesbieDates users for free?

No, you’ll need to purchase a premium membership before sending a personal message on LesbieDates.

Can I report a suspicious profile on LesbieDates?

Yes! Every account has a “Report” option located in the upper right-hand corner of their profile page (click the three vertical dots).

Can I block another member on LesbieDates?

Yes! Every account has a “Block” button located in the upper right-hand corner of their profile page (click the three vertical dots).