Dating a Black Man Experience

dating a black men

According to research done by EBONY/QuestionPro research bodies, 700 individuals were interviewed. It included 300 African- American men in the education and financial sectors.

If you are serious about dating a black man and don’t have the internet or friends to connect, here is a list of places to get them.

  • Social club: 12%
  • Introduction from family: 8%
  • Bars: 11%
  • Work: 12%
  • School: 5%

And to make it more realistic, these are some of the places where they encountered their current spouses or lovers:

  • Online dating platforms: 20 percent
  • Through friends: 23 percent
  • At school: 12percent
  • Social clubs: 5 percent
  • At work: 15 percent
  • In churches, mosques, and different worship places: 5 percent.

Of the unmarried black men surveyed, below is their current relationship status:

  • Not searching at the moment: 27 percent
  • Looking but not currently dating: 23 percent
  • In a serious relationship but living separately: 20 percent
  • Living together: 18 percent
  • Dating but not to one partner: 11 percent

The research further shows that 52 percent of the black men interviewed, want to marry their present lovers. Thirty-eight percent are not sure, and 11 percent say they are not interested. It indicates that the black men dating routine is a serious one, and they don’t like wasting time in their dating experiences. Fifty percent of these men don’t mind dating less serious commitments.

Other shreds of evidence show that black men are not afraid of commitments, and 47 percent say they have been in the current relationship for more than five years. Only 11 percent did not manage past the six months after the honeymoon. Sixty-one percent of these males attest that their current sex lifestyle with their partner is without any problem. Another 65 percent remark that cheating does not exist in their relationships.

How to find black men

Zoosk surveyed to find out what women who need to find black men should have. It was from their dating app, and most of them used popular words to describe their ideal march.


Honesty is among the must-have when black men are looking for a mate.

Another trait is spirituality, which is an important trait a woman must have when dating a black man.

All black men need ambitious women to date and are among the top in the list.

A black man can’t do with women who are not open and beautiful, especially with men in their 30s, and this is a plus.

Reasons why women love black men

Let us look at some real answer that black men gave when asked if they would date outside their race- this will help women who love black men come out with a rough idea of how black men reason and help them make the right decision on dating black men:

  1. It is a black woman topic – Most men associate this topic with a lack of women where they hear it more from black women.
  2. I don’t care what race she is – Some black men wonder if this is still an issue worth discussion. For a man who lives in New York, no one is white or black.
  3. I never even consider it – Other black men were raised not to date outside their race, and they grew up knowing that bringing a white girl home would not be welcome.
  4. Some men dig it and think it is cool to date outside their race.
  5. Other men only care about happiness, and to them, they would date other races as long as they made them happy.
  6. It is only out of the experience that a black man can utter sentiments like – ‘black women are annoying at times.’
  7. Others would date black women as long as they don’t act black.

No matter who you are, dating a black man’s experience is different from other races. Some people prefer tall, dark, men, and others admire overweight people, etc. The main point is that everyone has a natural like for a particular type of person and can’t control it. However, the tastes may vary occasionally, but we as human beings have the best choice of who we like dating.

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