Best Black Dating Apps in 2021

There are several great dating apps for black people to explore. Review and check their pros and cons, main features, and offers to select the best one. The top dating apps for black singles have advanced functionality and features that set them apart.

In short, according to the feedback, most black people have found that the apps are proven successes. For a black dating app to be considered top-tier, it must provide up-to-date solutions and quality design. The dating service should also offer a dating app’s messaging quality, safety, possible lack of ads, and advanced search features.

The below black dating apps are considered as the top reliable solutions in the market. They are also some of the most popular when it comes to making black matches and finding love, relationships and casual dating. If you wish to find a black significant other or your best match on a trusted platform, the following dating apps will be really helpful! Let’s check 5 dating apps for black people that offer the above features and more amazing services.

FREE with limitations
  • Fast and easy sign-up process.
  • Plenty of chat options.
  • Pre-set flirt casts to trigger conversations. is a dating app that began as a website 21 years ago that allows people from ages 18 and above to find dates. Over the years, it has evolved into an app with significantly more features than it did back then. Yes, it includes all the basic functionalities, but it also offers:

  • Basic safe mode: shady people won’t contact you if this feature is activated
  • Flirtcast: it allows you to message multiple black people at the same time
  • Promote my account: this can be used to promote oneself to other members

Yeap, great add-ons! Besides, the black dating app has many members worldwide, with the likelihood of over hundreds being available at a time. The age demographics of black people using this dating app are as follows in descending order:

  • 25-34: the largest group
  • 18-24: the second largest group
  • 35-44: the third-largest group
  • 45-54: the fourth largest group
  • 55 and older: the smallest group


  • The growing nature of the platform (allowing for more interaction)
  • The flirtcast feature
  • Easy to use interface


  • It lacks an algorithm to bring up matches
  • It shows too many ads
  • Only one language (English)

This black dating app has the following prices for a subscription

  • $0.99 per day
  • $10.00 per week
  • $28.80 per month
  • $48.60 for 3 months

Note: All devices can use it on both Android and iOS.


FREE with limitations
  • 20+ million users worldwide
  • Most are looking for serious relationships
  • Mobile app available

Zoosk is a dating app that can also be used to match black people. Its main characteristic is that it does not require the filing out of a questionnaire like most dating apps. Instead, you create a profile automatically by providing a link to any of your social accounts (e.g., Facebook or Instagram accounts).

Gender split:

  • 48 percent male
  • 52 percent female

This is for a large and diverse group of black people from about 80 countries speaking over 20 languages.


  • It is quite easy to set up
  • A questionnaire is almost non-existent
  • Availability of multiple users
  • A modern design
  • Profiles are verified
  • Easy verification process

Zoosk also has a carousel feature that is almost a rapid-fire mode that allows you to look at dating profiles quickly. A great tool to try while searching singles.


  • An abundance of questionable profiles despite the presence of verification
  • It uses a dated coin system which is expensive
  • Extra features like the carousel cost extra money


The price for this black dating app is as follows:

  • $29.99 for 1 month
  • $59.99 for 3 months
  • $75.99 for 6 months
  • $149 for 12 months

Note: The black dating app is available on any mobile device, making it very accessible.


FREE with limitations
  • The website sends you a total of 7 matches every day
  • Advanced matching system
  • High success rate is another dating app that black people can use to find a match. The registration process is something we will discuss, but after this, finding black people is made easy. Though it has a rather long questionnaire, it can be a good thing, especially when looking for specific matches under which black people fall. Other general things buyers look for are:

  • Height
  • Age (ranging from 18 and 70)
  • Faith
  • Marital status
  • Ethnic background

This shows that is not just a black dating site. It offers specific search criteria.


  • It has a wide range of users that have been thoroughly checked
  • It has an intuitive and easy to use interface
  • It is good at filtering information
  • It has a video chat function


  • It is far more expensive than most black dating apps
  • There is no instant approval of a profile

The app is more expensive because you will have to pay to access other people’s profiles and potential matches. This is in addition to the $44.99 monthly subscription.


FREE with limitations
  • Helps educated singles to find matches
  • In-depth personality survey
  • Recommended mostly for black singles

As one of the US’ leading dating apps for black people, EliteSingles stands apart from the rest as most of its users are university graduates with ages ranging from 18-70 years of age. You are certain to find black matches, but they are only for long-term relationships and not casual encounters.


  • It has a relatively short yet interesting questionnaire
  • It has a wide variety of profiles
  • Is readily available on Android and iOS
  • Easy and interesting user interface


  • It can be very expensive due to its odd branding
  • Possesses no video chat

By using the black dating app, you can create a free account, but most of the app’s features are not free. You have to pay extra for ads-no, and this is in addition to the $33.33 per month package fee (the basic subscription).


FREE with limitations
  • Largest members base of all demographically targeted websites
  • Huge members activity from the USA
  • Quick sign-up process

This app is made specifically for black people to look for love, unlike the others mentioned previously.


  • This exclusively black dating app is relatively affordable
  • It has many special matching features that are also affordable
  • Profile creation and potential match searches are easy and free
  • It is available for download on Android and iOS


  • A large number of matching features can be overwhelming
  • It has a restricted free contact list with matches


This app is rather affordable compared to others. The prices of subscriptions are as follows:

  • $16.75 for a month
  • $38.97 for three months
  • $65.94 for 6 months

Note: The app has available tokens, which are priced at $0.04 per credit.

The Great Thing About Using Dating Black People Apps

Apps for black people have all the great features that any user would want to try in the online dating world. Such advantages include search for matches by interests.

You can also use advanced search and questionnaires to find people by criteria as loyalty, kindness, beauty, compassion, and understanding. All this while having the gorgeous design of the apps and user-friendly interfaces. A dating app can be anything you need right now.

The ease with which a user can access and register at the dating apps and their user-friendly and responsive interface are other main factors to focus on. Most dating apps function relatively the same way. The process begins with downloading the app and creating a profile.

All dating sites have an algorithm that will allow the best possible matches to be put forth. The algorithms help reveal potential dates, so you can make your choice and message your love interest. Further, future dates and meetings can be set up privately.

Bottom Line

By using niche apps to start dating a black person can be a fun experience. One thing to note is that the niche app can offer one platform that connects all black singles online and those who live nearby.

The quality of the apps may vary, but their goal is the same: to bring people together. The personal connections fostered on apps can lead to long and happy relationships, but that’s up to the users’ preferences.


What tools are used at black dating apps to find matches?

The best tool to find a preferred black partner for long-term relationships is an advanced search by location, interests, and other criteria.

What are the entry requirements on black dating apps?

Mostly, the main requirements include age, gender, relationship status.