BeNaughty Review

The dating industry is undergoing a massive revolution. As technological advancements continue to evolve, hookups are no longer bore from a meet-and-greet situation. People can now send a message online via sites like BeNaughty, get to know each other, and form meaningful connections.


TaMara Griffin

Black love is beautiful. With many members from the black community, BeNaughty is the ideal dating site for naughty black men and flirty women looking to have casual interactions. Let’s delve it a more detailed BeNaughty website review.


To better understand , here are the advantages and disadvantages of BeNaughty dating site.

Pros / Cons
  • Fast and easy sign-up process.
  • Plenty of chat options.
  • Pre-set flirt casts to trigger conversations.
  • Offers both privacy and confidentiality.
  • Allows you to connect.
  • It hosts people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Facilitates meetups from people outside your social network.
  • It is a convenient way to have a romantic adventure amidst a busy work schedule.
  • Only paid members are allowed access to view full member profiles and pictures.
  • No commitment to rid the site of suspicious users or fake accounts.
  • Paid membership programs.
  • It is not an ideal site for people in search of long-term companionship leading to marriage.
  • Members put more value on physical attributes.
  • Matchmaking is sometimes inaccurate.
  • It is not uncommon to find members who fail to disclose true information on their profile.

Sign-up Process

To prove its dedication to hooking up the black community and giving them a chance at casual sexual escapades, BeNaughty has an easy sign-up process. As an aspiring member, you are only required to enter your email address and password. BeNaughty will then send a confirmation code via the email which you are required to click. It is as simple as that.

As a member of BeNaughty, you should upload a profile picture that meets community standards. Members are accorded proper guidance on uploading a great photo to eliminate the possibilities of the photo being rejected. Some of the factors that trigger photo rejections include nudity, pornography, and fake photos.

Unlike other dating sites, BeNaughty is only interested in basic information such as your body type, location, and ethnicity. You will not encounter a myriad of questions regarding your personality, just a few basic ones that show other members that you are more than a profile picture. If you wish, you can skip the details and go into finding your match.

Suffice to say, the most attractive thing about BeNaughty is that immediately after the sign-up process, its advanced search algorithm suggests potential matches, which eases your process of finding a potential match.

Members and Profiles

Members: 500,000 USA
Member Activity: 120,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion: 60% Women, 40% Men

In the United States alone, BeNaughty has active membership in the US of over 500,000 members, 60% of whom are women. With over 120,000 of these members active every week, it is only a matter of time before you find your ideal hookup partner.

The site focuses on anyone above the age of 18 looking for casual sexual interactions. Through the search query button, members can search for suitable matches with whom they share ideologies. Men, especially, can never run out of messages from attractive ladies, given a large number of women signed-up on the site.

Is BeNaughty Safe?

As the number of people interested in online dating continues on an upward trend, maintaining safety on dating sites is imperative. For BeNaughty, its members’ safety is paramount. The site employs a digital identification service to help net out scammers and other unscrupulous individuals with ill motives. Additionally, members are required to provide verification details to confirm their authenticity.

Besides, the use of BeNaughty’s video chat option allows users to confirm that their potential date looks like their photos. It eliminates the possibility of interacting with a ‘catfish.’ To further assure their users of the site’s safety, the site has employed computer-savvy professionals who use the latest technology to monitor the website’s activities. For instance, the photo-recognition software can identify duplicate photos, deleting them instantly.

Real Life Review

“The online dating industry indeed has much to offers for those seeking to find potential matches. As an attractive 25-year-old female, I have been unlucky at finding potential matches from several dating websites. I decided to review various dating sites, and it is not until I joined BeNaughty that all my prayers were answered. Immediately after sign-up, I was pleasantly surprised with auto-matched potential matches instantly. I received messages from interested men who were eager for breath-taking intimate relations and curious to know me better.

I will definitely use the next time I decide to look for a random hook-up from eligible bachelors looking for romantic interactions.”

Costs and Prices

It is not uncommon for people experimenting with online dating to try out free services. However, to improve your chances of meeting a serious potential match, a paid subscription on BeNaughty is a necessity.

BeNaughty offers affordable premium membership to interested persons. The costs are as below:

  • 1 Month – $27.30
  • 3 Months – $45.90
  • 12 Months – $73.60

Free Services

Despite being a premium membership dating site, the BeNaughty app offers free services to its members. They include:

  • Free sign-up process
  • Free photo uploads
  • Free search with access to all filters
  • Free profile picture viewing for general members
  • Free messaging features for women

Fee-Based Services

Some of the fee-based services BeNaughty offers include:

  • Sending and receiving of messages
  • Full access to member profiles
  • Unlimited scrolling of photos
  • Ability to leave and review comments
  • A Match with other premium members


Even under normal circumstances, making romantic connections is hard enough. However, BeNaughty seeks to bridge this gap by being the ideal site to level your odds in the dating game. You will never miss someone with a positive review here. It is a site specifically made for both single men and women looking for casual hook-ups and sensual delight nights. Make sure to check BeNaughty and leverage its advantages to improve your chances of finding a perfect match.