White woman likes black men
Black 16-10-2020

Statistics of Black Men Dating White Women in USA

Marriage has been a decreasing practice among American residents, which is more apparent in the black group. Let us look at the statistics of black men dating white women in the USA In 2016, just 29% of Black Americans had partnered with 48% of total Americans. Half of the Blacks are married at some point […]

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dating a white man
Black 14-10-2020

Dating White Guy: No One Will Tell You These Six Facts

Are you thinking of dating a white man, and you are of a different race and culture? Well, both of you should be patient, understand one another, and be open-minded. As you date men from different races, there will be some teachable episodes, so you should be ready to learn. We have highlighted six facts […]

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black man date white woman
Black 13-10-2020

Why do Black Men Date White Women

Any relationship whose sole purpose is a commitment; the relationship easily stops being a political declaration. The question, why do black men date white women? Still says a lot about black men and their dating habits. To be realistic, whether it is a white woman or a black man or vice versa, couples don’t sleep […]

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dating a black men
Black 13-10-2020

Dating a Black Man Experience

According to research done by EBONY/QuestionPro research bodies, 700 individuals were interviewed. It included 300 African- American men in the education and financial sectors. If you are serious about dating a black man and don’t have the internet or friends to connect, here is a list of places to get them. Social club: 12% Introduction […]

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Why Dark Skinned Black Women Rarely Get Married
Black 13-10-2020

Why Dark Skinned Black Women Rarely Get Married? Find out Here

Most black women who are well educated and financially stable are willing to date dark-skinned black men who are not as educated or successful as them. A majority of these women don’t search for men to provide for them. However, it’s sad that most of the black men they encounter are scared by women who […]

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cities for black people
Black 12-10-2020

10 Best Cities for Black People

According to Forbes Magazine, the top ten cities for African-Americans to live in were based on different factors. The four classifications used to systemize the rankings were; homeownership, median household income, entrepreneurship, and population change. In an increasingly divergent state, these cities provide additional opportunities to African Americans both career-wise and in terms of livelihood. […]

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