10 Best Cities for Black People

cities for black people

According to Forbes Magazine, the top ten cities for African-Americans to live in were based on different factors. The four classifications used to systemize the rankings were; homeownership, median household income, entrepreneurship, and population change. In an increasingly divergent state, these cities provide additional opportunities to African Americans both career-wise and in terms of livelihood.

Forbes also states these three cities as the best where African- Americans are progressing better economically. They are Washington, D.C, Atlanta, and Raleigh in North Carolina. According to Forbes, with its proper-rooted religious and educational facilities, Atlanta has the most secure infrastructure for African-American improvement in the country. The state’s strong music and art culture have made it the center point for the black lifestyle.

A clear picture of Atlanta’s region appeal can be viewed through the increase of the African-American population, up by 50% from 2000 to 2013. It is more past the 28% overall growth in the same population in the state’s 52 biggest cities over the same period. Let us take a look at the best ten cities for African Americans to live in:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Raleigh, NC
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Baltimore MD
  5. Charlotte NC
  6. Virginia Beach-Norfolk, VA
  7. Orlando, FL
  8. Miami, FL (tied)
  9. Richmond, VA (tied)
  10. San Antonio, TX (tied)
table of 10 Best Cities For African Americans

Looking for the best places for single Black females?

Are you seeking for love and a new place to reside? You are not the only one. If you need to move elsewhere in search of love and a good career, sometimes a change in the environment is the most important. We have compiled a list of best places for single Black females in the U.S. Black women living here are not only excelling in their careers but find a better alternative for single working men.

Atlanta – Atlanta is one of the coolest places for black women to relocate. It is the capital of African- Americans and is home to famous Black Universities, plenty of Black industries than any other place, and powerful music and art sites. Over 50% of the Black population owns their property, and a huge number of persons are getting well-off annually.

Washington DC – This is a city where black women have accomplished it. The average income for Black people here is $ 20,000 more than what they earn in Atlanta. It is the home of Howard University, government jobs pay better, and the cost of living is way up.

Baltimore – Here, black women are making it happen. It has a high level of self-employed people in the country. You cannot beat Baltimore’s nightlife, and it is where you can have total fun if you are single before meeting your ideal match.

San Francisco – If you are looking for a rich, millionaire man, you should find yourself in San Francisco. Gallup poll voted it as the best city to find a wealthy, unattached man in the USA AIt Is a city that has many men and fewer women. The Black population is not so high here, but across the river in Oakland, one of the cities for black people to live in because it is also budget-friendly.

Discover some states for black people here

Most African Americans reside in 10 States. New York and Chicago are the top states for black people in the USA. The ten states where more than 60% of the Black American population lives:

• New York
• California
• Texas
• Florida
• Georgia
• Illinois
• North Carolina
• Maryland
• Michigan
• Louisiana

New York has the highest population with backs in the year 2000 is 3,014,385.

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